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We Borrow The Earth
(working title)
A Short documentary following Patrick Jasper Lee, author of the book with the same name.

Jasper is passionately fighting to save his cultural heritage from being lost forever, but what can we all learn from the secret ancient wisdom of the Roma?

As we walk with Jasper through the Welsh forest, the author, musician and ancient chovihano shares the intimate beliefs of Romani Gypsy culture. He fears that the stigma attached to Gypsy lifestyles will force the ancient wisdom of the Roma to soon be lost forever. Like his people, Jasper has moved with the times, but believes that the pressures of modern life and a lost connection with the natural world are causing widespread anxiety and depression. Although the Roma have always hidden their beliefs, Jasper is passionate about sharing these cultural secrets, to inspire curious individuals to be more fulfilled.

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Earth Orchestra
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